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Donate to help foster kids

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Donations Make the World Go ‘Round

Donations can be dropped off at our Racine location. We ask that all donations are cleaned prior to dropping off, and please do not donate broken or damaged items. We have to pay to have all the rejected items hauled away, which takes money from helping foster kids.

What we CAN take:

  • Clothing – All sizes from infant to adult. Clothing donations are best when in kitchen sized garbage bags. This makes them easy to manage and store. Please do not use boxes. As of 4/25/2020, if you could hold on from donation clothing until we can get back up to speed with donation sorting, that would be much appreciated. We still take all non-clothing items below.
  • Purses and handbags
  • Scarves, hats, gloves & mittens
  • belts and accessories
  • Jewelry
  • Jackets
  • Snow Pants
  • Backpacks
  • NEW Socks & Underwear
  • Electronics (TV’s, radios, computers)
  • Baby Cribs
  • Baby Items (Playpens, pack-n-plays, strollers, bouncers, exersaucers, jumpers, etc.)
  • Bicycles
  • Small appliances
  • Large appliances with prior arrangements. Email with photos.
  • Small furniture (end tables, coffee tables, lamps, etc.)
  • Home decor
  • DVD/CD’s
  • Shoes
  • Picture frames
  • Vehicles & Trucks
  • And much more.  Email with questions on what we can take.
  • Pretty much anything except for the items below.

What we CANNOT take:

  • Car Seats
  • Books
  • Stained or torn clothing
  • Smoke smelling or animal hair. We do not wash clothing.
  • Large appliances (can take some with prior notification. Please email with photos and descriptions.)
  • Large furniture (can take some with prior notification. Please email with photos and descriptions.)
  • Bedding & Mattresses

As much as we’d love to take everything, we just do not have the storage.  Please drop off all large donations directly to the Racine location.  If you are unsure if we take a specific item, please call us at (262) 333-8414 before heading out to the store.

Please make sure all donations are clean and in working order.  We can arrange a pickup under certain circumstances.  Please email all items to be picked up to  All donations must be clean and in working order.