Why we do what we do?

We're foster parents ourselves and see children, through no fault of their own, come into the system, one, with nothing or very little belongings, and two, not having the opportunities that other children might have.

They might not have the financial ability to go to college and don't have the resources for independent living skills or any job training.  That's where we come in.

My Foster Kids Foundation was formed to help out foster children in any way we can.  Our primary mission is to raise money to help foster kids with scholarships for college, job training programs, and other creative endeavors, like summer camps and group activities.

No child should be ignored or left behind.

"A 3,500 square foot retail store opened in January 2018, with 100% of the profits going toward scholarships for foster children."

How it works?

Donate your gently used clothing to us and we will resell those items to fund our scholarship program and other financial programs for foster children.  There are numerous locations to drop off your clothing.  Each store opening their hearts (and floor space) to our mission.

Fosters reStore is open to the public to shop, but foster children will shop for free!  See the Foster Parent FAQ's.

Spread the word! Share our mission on your Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, or any other network you may have.  The children are our future and we need to care for each and every single one, no matter where they come from or how they were raised.