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Fostering hope: My Foster Kids Foundation and Fosters ReStore

David and Chris Fricke are foster parents whose mission is to support foster children long after their first placement in a foster home.

To that end, they have created My Foster Kids Foundation, a nonprofit organization whose funds may end up helping some foster children attend college.

Among the ways they hope to fund this enterprise is through a soon-to-be-opened resale shop called Fosters ReStore.

The Frickes became foster parents two years ago, and the concept to build the nonprofits stemmed from their own experience.

“When our first child arrived we found ourselves in Walmart at 10 p.m. scrambling to buy clothes for him,” Dave said.

To help other parents with this dilemma, the Frickes began collecting clothes and distributing them to other foster parents in need.

When donations of clothing became overflowing, a second plan presented itself: to sell items not earmarked for foster families, putting the proceeds into a fund for foster children.

The plan for the nonprofit My Foster Kids Foundation Inc. is to set up funding for summer camps, tutoring and other educational scholarships for foster children.

“We want to give them hope that there is hope after foster care,” Fricke said.

Fricke sells the clothes from his business, Graphics Inc., 7865 Green Bay Road. The new shop, Fosters ReStore, is slated to open on Feb. 13.

In addition to selling goods to the public, the store will be a place for foster children to “shop” for their own things using a free in-house “credit card.”

“This is a way of empowering children to take control of their lives in a way they hadn’t had before,” Dave said.

The Frickes also plan to offer weekly activities for foster children in space not being used by the graphics or retail areas of the store.

Dave said the Kenosha store is just the beginning.

“The grand plan is to create stores in Milwaukee, Racine and Madison with the goal of making this a national organization.” he said.

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